Fendi realizes a scented bag with its latest launch, creating a scented version of its iconic ‘Baguette’ bag, which was first created in 1997 and has since been continuously updated. The perfumed version has been made possible through a collaboration with Francus Kurkdjian, a brand also owned by the LVMH Group since 2017. In 2014 Francis Kurkdjian relaunched the tradition of perfuming leather and filed a patent for the technique. It is this method that Kurkdjian used to perfume the Baguette bag and create the ‘Fendi Frenesia’ scent, an eau de parfum with leathery and musky notes wrapped in Iris, which is intended to reflect the scent of the soft and textured Selleria leather that Fendi uses to create its famous bags. After various processes, Kurkdjian conserved the scent in the internal structure of the leather, which allows it to release the scent for three years. The Frenesia perfume also comes in a 5ml bottle and is designed to be sprayed onto the wearer’s own skin or onto a card, which can be slid into the bag, in order to make the fragrance last longer. The perfume is sold in a mini-Baguette bag, which retails for €450 on Fendi’s e-commerce site.