Fendi is feeling the 80s for fall 2018


Plaids and checks in greys and browns set the tone for the collection, offset by navys, plums and olives. Blazers and coats are built very literally boxy through the shoulders, a structural nod to the padded shoulders of the past. There were a few romantic dresses towards the back of the runway lineup in white, embroidered with delicate flowers for an effect not unlike your grandmother’s tablecloth. Skirts and dresses featured sharp knife-pleating, sometimes hidden away under a more structured layer of wool.
Of course, it being 2018 and all, the look got a millennial twist in the form of fur sweatshirts with the Fila logo (which was created by Scottish artist Hey Reilly, and then re-appropriated by Fendi) and on-trend Western boots in various leathers; influencers will be fighting over the PETA-unfriendly matching blazer and miniskirt set in fur. And Fendi got the memo that logomania is trending again, slapping their double-Fs on everything from coats to boots to (obviously) bags.