A few days ago he got the “Who’s Who Award”, which for 18 years inaugurated the Milan Fashion Week, which the Mexican designer Fausto Puglisi has dedicated to his first big fan: the father Franco, who passed away a few months ago


The award focuses on the link between fashion and music and is awarded to singers, stylists and entrepreneurs who value this union, broadening the communication of Italian fashion internationally.

Fausto Puglisi, with his latest creations, has even reinvented the women’s swimsuit, turning it into a wearable garment from morning to night and not just on the beach. Keeping the lycra fabric and colorful prints, the bikini is transformed with Puglisi in a sexy but composed bustier with wide skirts, sarongs and even trousers.

The colors are the same as always, with plenty of space for yellow, fuchsia, green and orange, and the typical great Sicilian sun that is now a hallmark of the designer items Fausto Puglisi. A true revolution of the costumes, it is appropriate to say it, which represents a captivating celebration of the female body, crowned by palm trees embroidered with gold and silver swarovski.

“I find that the body of the woman is beautiful – said the designer we interviewed after the award ceremony -, whatever her age and whatever her size is – every woman as such has a beauty that needs to be enhanced. think that women with my garments can feel beautiful and at ease on every occasion.And for the spring-summer 2019 collection, I chose to reinvent the summer garment par excellence, the swimsuit in fact, transforming it into an evening dress with which to feel beautiful and feminine everywhere, it is a declaration of love and independence for women “.

Despite the resounding success that has made him known all over the world, Fausto Puglisi does not forget Messina and even keeps us always remembering his origins: “I love my city and I hate those who forget it or the snub, I’m proud to be Messina and I will never tire of reiterating the importance of their roots, which is why I have always brought and will always bring Sicily to all my collections “.
Many projects in the pipeline for the designer, including collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Alessia Marcuzzi. Also at his side also Belen with whom there is, in addition to esteem, a beautiful friendship.

The award received by Fausto Puglisi is just the latest of the prestigious awards given over the years to the Mexican designer beloved by stars like Madonna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. Together with Puglisi, as part of “Chi è chi Award” conceived by Cristiana Schieppati and organized by Crisalide Press, for the 2018 edition hosted in the prestigious Sala Alessi at Palazzo Marino in Piazza della Scala 2, they were awarded: the dj Matteo Ceccarini, Kenzo Parfums, the entrepreneur Giuseppe Zanotti, the singer-songwriter Levante, the actress Sabrina Impacciatore, the model Marica Pellegrinelli, the artistic director Barnaba Fornasetti and Radio Deejay, as well as Claudio Cecchetto, who was awarded the Elio Fiorucci Award.

A modern style with a touch of sensuality, never excessive, that has quickly attracted the attention of international publishers and buyers, catapulting Fausto into the highest step of the fashion system. In his collections there is the classicism of the ancient Roman sculptures, the opulence of the Baroque architecture, the serenity of the fifties style and the contemporary “revival” of Hollywood. A unique creativity that of our Fausto Puglisi whose garments are currently sold in over 160 boutiques around the world, from Milan to New York, passing through London and Joyce in Asia.

Fausto Puglisi, born in Messina in 1976, moved to New York when he was only 18, pursuing his American dream. Today he lives in Milan and is one of the most appreciated Italian stylists in the world. Since he was a child he dreamed of becoming a great designer and quickly arrived to dress the biggest celebrities of the star system. To make it known to the general public has also contributed significantly to the media hype that arose around the dress worn on the stage of Sanremo 2011 by the showgirl Belen Rodriguez that left uncovered tattoo representing the butterfly most discussed by the Italians. Today, as well as from Belen, Puglisi’s clothes are worn by many women from the entertainment world, including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and Rihanna. Winner of the “Chi è Chi Award” award 2018, the stylist from Messina dedicated it to the memory of his father, Franco, who died a few months ago.