From luxury to masks, and from cosmetics to disinfectant gel. With the coronavirus emergency, factories that have reconverted their production to meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment are growing sharply, in solidarity with those who are fighting against the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 virus. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are taking action in this regard, while Confindustria Moda is coordinating the conversions of part of the production of the companies. “In coordination with the Ministry of Health, Civil Protection and the Regions we reasoned on a protocol, which we then organized together with CNA Federmoda with the collaboration of the National Asbestos Office; in a few days it will be made official by the government and each of us will be able to apply it voluntarily “, Claudio Marenzi, president of Confindustria Moda, the federation of textiles and fashion with over 400,000 employees and almost 50,000 companies, said Fashion network. “Confindustria has collected, through PwC and also via social networks, the candidacies of the fabric companies for the production of” Non-Woven Fabric “(TNT), water-repellent, antibacterial and anti-drip, and the packaging of masks, gowns, shoes and overalls, over 200 applications from all over Italy”.

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