The president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion Carlo Capasa presents the forecasts for 2021. The evolution of international trade, the forecasts for the achievement of vaccination coverage and the positive expectations for the Christmas sales season, confirm the forecasts for the 2021 turnover for the fashion industry to 64 billion, only 5% now below the level of 2019. Fashion together with the related sectors (eyewear, jewelry and cosmetics) should reach a turnover of 82.8 billion euros, an increase of 20.5 % compared to 68.7 in 2020, and no longer so far from 90.2 in 2019, before the health emergency caused by Covid-19 shook the world economy. After the boom in the first half of the year, the export data for Italian fashion remained positive also in the third quarter of 2021 with an overall growth in exports of 17.1% (+ 18.2% to non-European Union countries and +15, 7% to European Union countries). Among the main foreign markets, exports to China grew by 55.2%, to the US by 31.2%, to Russia by 20.6%.