The women’s collections for Autumn / Winter 2022-23 are presented in Milan with great returns and emerging talents

Fashion comes back more and more live

Fashion Week has just returned to the Italian fashion capital. From 22 to 28 February with 69 fashion shows, 60 of which physical and 9 digital, the collections for Fall/Winter 2022-23 will be presented: fashion is woman in Milan. We are not yet at the number of pre-pandemic fashion shows but finally fashion is back live, thrilling and inspiring. The president of the National Chamber of Fashion, Carlo Capasa, confirms the optimism: “Many brands and many important names: it will be a review of quantity and quality that reflects the central role of Milan in the fashion system”. The calendar is really very rich. Big names like Bottega Veneta, Diesel, Gucci, Trussardi and Plein Sport are back; finally King Giorgio also returns, who in January had canceled Man and Couture due to the Omicron variant: “I am returning to the catwalk in a moment that seems particularly lively again for Milan, with the system starting to move compactly and a generational change in progress. In Milan, pre-Covid energy was not lost. Indeed, the city is in turmoil in every respect ». There are also many new emerging proposals: AC9, Ambush, Andreadamo, Aniye Records, Cormio, Ferrari, Han Kjøbenhavn, Husky, Palm Angels, Tokyo James and Capasa Milano. It was Ennio Capasa who kicked off the Fashion Week. The fashion show for his “collection 0” was held in the backstage of the Teatro degli Arcimboldi. Six years after leaving the catwalks and Costume National, Capasa presented its new project Capasa Milano, a family-run brand with the participation of his brother Carlo (president of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion) and his sister Rita. “I have always worked with the desire to break the boundaries, between formal and informal, between day and evening and considering the genre as a convention” declared the designer during the rehearsals of the show. The new unconventional tailoring of all the garments presented in the collection, called Before it Starts, affirms Capasa are “genderless, and can be purchased in a wide range of sizes. The suit is worn with a skirt or trousers, or with both, sportswear with bare legs and dresses with trousers, often fluid ”. In short, a new beginning to also wish an imminent resumption of a live fashion.