The fashion industry is increasingly attentive to sustainability and inclusiveness. At the top of the annual Diversity Leaders ranking, promoted by the Financial Times with the collaboration of Statista, among 100 thousand employees of 15 thousand companies in 16 European countries, among the fashion companies, there is Hermès in fifth position, making a leap compared to a year ago when he was ranked 575th. Immediately below, in sixth place, is Giorgio Armani, the first of the 35 Italian companies in the ranking. In the top 100 come Prada, at number 57, and Hugo Boss, at 97. Among the 850 most inclusive companies in the world there is not LVMH, even if there are group brands such as Sephora (49th) and Louis Vuitton (161st) . Diversity Leaders evaluates the perception that employees have of the inclusiveness of companies, as well as the efforts made to promote various aspects of diversity related to age, gender, equity, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation.

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