Fashion, the weight of e-commerce is growing: this is confirmed by The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company in the report ‘The State of Fashion 2021’. During the pandemic, e-commerce sales almost doubled their share, reaching about 30% of the total. Over 70% of the fashion sector managers interviewed expect that the online business of the various brands will report growth of 20 percent or more in the current year. With the pandemic keeping people at home 2020 could be remembered as the year in which fashion retail sales registered the definitive shift towards online. In just eight months, the share of e-commerce fashion sales has nearly doubled from 16% to 29% globally, leapfrogging six years of growth. The pace of the recovery in 2021 will vary across categories, segments and geographies. “Players focused on digital, Asia (in particular China) and luxury – conclude The Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company – could gain a competitive advantage”.

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