Youth creativity comes as a surprise to the world of museum institutions, and it does so starting from one of the most famous sites in the world


Even before Beyoncé asked for permission to shoot his video prosism at the Colosseum (refused, not because as was reported the Flavian Amphitheater had already been “booked” by Alberto Angela, but due to the excessive complexity of the organization), the fashion had already turned the spotlight on the monument symbol of Rome: during the last edition of Altaroma, in fact, a competition of ideas was launched aimed at students of fashion academies throughout Italy to design the new uniforms of the staff of the Archaeological Park of Colosseum.

The uniform of a staff is a leader on which fashion brands have already grappled: among the most recent collaborations, that of Alberta Ferretti with Alitalia and Zac Posen with Delta.

For the Italian museum institutions it is a first time, preceded in the world only by the case of Christopher Raebourn who in 2017 drew the uniforms of the staff of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and that of Dyanne Beekman who signed the “corporate clothing “of the Spoorwegmuseum, the railway museum of Utrecht.

The winning school will have a prize of 5 thousand euros for the purchase of educational material and will show its project to a showcase of 7 million visitors a year.

This the announcement, the schools can present their expression of interest by October 15, and then have time until November 30 to present the projects.

To help the creative process, meetings with staff and visits to archaeological sites will also be organized.

The winning uniforms will be awarded in January 2019, during the next edition of Altaroma, which also renews with this innovative initiative its objective of discovering and enhancing new talent. (Ch. B.)