Gone are the times when the fashion among social media seemed to favor Instagram predominantly. In the last two years, first Tik Tok, then Twitch and finally the latest Clubhouse arrived. The continuous evolution and experimentation of new apps and social networks, now also includes OnlyFans. The American designer Rebecca Minkoff has in fact just opened her page on the platform specializing in exclusive content, which can be accessed mainly via paywall. The paid subscription allows you to enjoy photos and videos that often border on eroticism. OnlyFans has been active since 2016 and has about 100 million registered users including 1 million creators. For web stars, OnlyFans represents the opportunity to profit directly from users, a business to consumer model different from what happens on Instagram where contracts involve third-party companies. Although far from TikTok’s 800 million global users and Instagram’s one billion, OnlyFans is growing fast, acquiring around 500,000 new users a day.