Halloween: Alexander McQueen exponent of  grotesque and superlative fashion


Fashion and Halloween. Fashion and grotesque: Alexander McQueen and the link with the night of witches through the analysis of the spring / summer 2001 collection.

Lee, as he was called by friends and colleagues, dies suicide in forty years. Worn out by torments and a thousand obsessions.

He himself declares in an interview that he was “abused as a child by his brother-in-law and that he saw his sister being beaten violently by her husband”

Unfortunately, as often happens, the past becomes the protagonist again in the present and, like a spider, it slowly weaves the web of destiny.

This is the case of McQueen who in 1992 created a collection inspired by Jack the Ripper. Even future creative projects will go in the same direction. The protagonists will be, in fact, Stanley Kubrick with the film Shining and Birds by Alfred Hichckok.

Moda e Halloween
Stunning look Voss SS2012 collection look


Fashion and Halloween. McQueen’s Voss project, central to the night of witches.

A very young Kate Moss participates in the show of the London Maison. A show where you can watch behind the windows.

Alexander McQueen sharpens the genius and creates a sort of theatrical piece where the macabre, fear and anxiety are moods that determine the central fulcrum of the collection.

Erin O’Connor

Gestures. Acts. The movements. The plasticity of bodies influenced by wicked, fearful moods.

And yet plumage that envelops the body of the models with asphyxia, solid structures, the fluidity of silk and the rich chromaticity that is steeped in scarlet reds and feather shades. And again, mythological references and bold looks.

Kate Moss

The collection, titled Voss, is a reliable story about a central theme in the British designer’s creations: mental health.

A project that today as never before is very modern, re-read and interpreted by his colleagues, first of all, Alessandro Michele for Gucci.