The advent of the new year heralds new challenges on a global level. Among the main issues that the various brands will address in 2022 are certainly the increase in prices, the relaxation of restrictions and the consequent resumption of events and travel; and also economic and political choices that will have an impact on large markets such as China. But also sustainability in production and especially in consumption: with the resale boom, and the metaverse, that is to say that parallel digital universe that has now entered the sphere of interests – and investments – of brands.


The resumption of social life will push users to renew their wardrobe, with new accessories and must-have items to show off for new events. Although a complex economic scenario will remain to discourage impulse buying, linked to tax reforms and sharply rising raw material prices. In speaking of the challenges facing businesses, we are referring to new paths, to important changes, to a hope for growth, to a world that is evolving under various aspects, as is the case with the theme of sustainability, a phenomenon in which the sensitivity towards which is growing among consumers and which pushes brands to create new experiences, such as Valentino’s vintage project, for example.

Valentino Vintage

The initiative offers its customers the opportunity to strengthen ties with brands by organizing partnerships with a selection of top vintage retailers from around the world, such as New York vintage inc in New York and Resurrection in Los Angeles. The concept gives new life to the garments of the maison through a rigorous and certified path in which the customer can propose their own “vintage” Valentino garment directly to the selected Vintage Store. It’s possible to start from the maison’s website which contains all the information to give a second life to Valentino garments. From there to access the contact page of the Vintage Stores participating in the initiative and request an evaluation of the garment by sending a photo. If the evaluation is positive is possible to receive a credit to spend in specific Valentino boutiques. In April, in particular, Valentino will realize takeover of the spaces of Madame Pauline, the Milanese second-hand boutique very popular in the social and green world. The boutique will be customized by Valentino and will sell some of his vintage items exclusively.