Giovanna Borbonese passed away at the age of 56. The heir of the Italian fashion brand that was born more than a century ago had dedicated its heart to the family business

Giovanna Borbonese has always been a passionate woman, and breathed air of fashion as a young girl, when she started working alongside her father Umberto, the designer who had founded the brand with the aim of making it an established brand all over the world.

Giovanna had followed him immediately, had graduated in architecture, managed the showroom in the center of Turin, and spent the last few years dedicating herself almost entirely to the Nanette alla Crocetta boutique – the first store of the Borbonese label, which today is a multi-brand store luxury.

The Borbonese fashion brand today is famous all over the world for its class and elegance, and for the iconic OP print, Occhio di pernice, which has always accompanied bags, jewelry and accessories, all characterized by a very high quality.

Craftsmanship and attention, fine materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. Borbonese lost Giovanna, his heir, remembered with affection and esteem even by the president of the Ascom Maria Luisa Coppa, who, as reported by La Stampa, praised her work and human abilities. Those of a woman who, with her talent, has succeeded in contributing to the success of a leading brand of Italian luxury, worldwide.