Virgil Abloh unveils his latest menswear collection for Louis Vuitton: a research on the concept of conformity and on the subversion of the sartorial tradition that involves the use of unorthodox materials and finishes. The classic sailor coats are printed with an industrial-aesthetic Louis Vuitton logo on the sleeves, while the trench coats made with the iconic Damier print are immersed in an abstract and cloudy pattern. Virgil Abloh places, for example, four white LV patterned zippers on a charcoal black nylon windbreaker, or reinterprets the sports jacket by cutting it with the Damier print. Highlight: the new two-button suit, in Damier-patterned dry wool, with the now iconic shoulder bag, and sandals with monogram, all worn by a model posing in front of a Canadair CL-415.