History and curiosity of one of the most interesting brands  


Founded in 2007 by Hiromichi Ochiai, Facetasm is a Japanese brand that immediately managed to create its own dimension, as in an ecosystem. The concept that has always characterized it was to overlap and mix styles, fabrics and atmospheres totally antithetical, to generate a new product that echoes alchemical experiments.

The idea of supporting the extremes, regardless of possible and superfluous harmonies, has constantly fascinated Ochiai, coming to define its aesthetics, which thanks to this tension frees itself from any repetition.

The Spring Summer 2019 collection, presented during the Paris Fashion Week, is in fact entitled “Together”, reconfirming the Facetasm approach, precisely through a connection of what dogmatically should be divided.



Together therefore, to create irrationality, contradiction and ambiguity, only in order to become aware of their continuous presence in the world. Here five things to know about the brand:

Multiplicity in a name. Facetasm is a term coined by Hiromichi Ochiai that derives from the English word facet, facet in Italian. It is as if the designer had created a cultural movement that lives in fashion and through fashion, to express its philosophy of accumulation. Already etymologically Ochiai announces his intent to combine multiple meanings and all the respective opposites that cohabit from time immemorial, as taught by the famous medal with its two faces

Japanese patriotism. Since the beginning, Ochiai has always fought to export his aesthetics to the world and become a bearer of Japanese fashion that often lives in the Far East. This desire is fervently fueled by the fact that his inspiration is all centered within his country and derives entirely from the latter. It therefore becomes a clear need, the desire to communicate all this to the world.

Father and designer. The Facetasm designer has a two-year-old who obviously had a powerful impact on his creative life. His research is now focused on achieving equilibrium, not as a compromise, but as a decisive evolution in the perception of his work: the compositional creativity of Facetasm emerged absolutely accentuated, strengthened by paternal love.

An enlightening journey. With the Fall Winter collection 2018-19 Facetasm has started a collaboration with The Woolmark Company, also reconfirmed for the upcoming summer season. It all started thanks to a visit to the Australian breeding of the wool brand, which allowed Ochiai to understand the importance of using certain fabrics, so much so that they decided to include them in its wide range of experiments.

A final to remember. Accompanied by great “rivals” like Glenn Martens of Y / Project, Matthew Williams of Alyx and Wales Bonner – just to name a few – Hiromichi Ochiai was also a finalist for the coveted LVMH award in 2016. This can only confirm the of the Japanese designer and the novelty of his creative approach.