Alanui continues his journey to discover cultures and countries


For the fall-winter 2019/20 the brand controlled by Ngg-new guards group goes to the edge of the world, exploring the remote Arctic areas, including glaciers and polar scenarios.

“This is a trip to the Arctic. From the crystalline landscape to the representation of colors, passing through the Aurora Borealis “, said Carlotta Oddi, the soul of the brand together with his brother Nicolò.
«There are introductions of fabrics such as organza and our magazine knitwear also on light dresses. The key accessory, however, is the balaclava, “added the creative.

Enveloping cardigans, inlaid jacquards, fine yarns make up a glacier queen wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from the figure of Sedna, goddess of the abysses and marine animals, to which the brand has looked as a muse of the collection.

Animating some leaders with key messages with environmental content. Warming warning. Stay cool save the Arctic.