An event not to be missed on Saturday 27 April for sneaker enthusiasts from all over Central and Southern Italy, who will finally be able to admire and why not buy the brand new Nike Air 1 x Fear of God, previewed in Michele Franzese’s city store.

The uninterrupted collaboration of Jerry Lorenzo with his high-end streetwear label, Fear of God, is producing a series of sneakers: new creations and modern reinterpretations of the seemingly endless archives of Nike sneakers.

Among these, the Nike Air 1 x Fear of God Raid has all the air of wanting to be one of these reinterpretations, given that it clearly takes inspiration from the famous Nike Air Raam of 1992.

God Moc’s Nike Air x Fear, on the other hand, highlights the designer’s ability to marry street swag luxury and innovative performance in a completely new silhouette: the characteristics of Jerry Lorenzo’s design language.