“New” Etro, now in orbit at the L Catterton fund, changes corporate structure and separates fashion from real estate activities. From 1 December 2021, Etro Spa will transfer the company branch that carries out the creation and sale of fashion products to the beneficiary company Etro Fashion Srl by means of a partial spin-off. Etro Fashion Srl will become a joint stock company and will take the name of Etro Spa, while the current Etro Spa will become Gefin Real Estate Spa. Etro and Catterton Europe last July announced the private equity company entered with a stake of majority – which should be around 60% – in the Italian maison. The closing of the transaction is expected by the end of the year. The Etro family will remain the owner of all the properties used in the business, including the stores, the atelier and the various offices of the group in via Spartaco in Milan.