Veronica Etro’s spring/summer 2022 collection, staged at Milan Fashion Week, is called “In full bloom”: the designer focuses on the concept of rebirth and flowering, looking at the spirituality and positivity of the ‘70s for the atmospheres and to the ‘90s as regards the style and lines of the clothes. An explosion of flowers and sparkling colors references to spirituality and ‘90s silhouettes that lead to joy, energy, optimism, desire for rebirth to celebrate freedom, human contact and a gradual return to normalcy. This desire translates into the use of a vibrant and vivid palette with emerald green, turquoise, golden yellow and magenta. For the images of the prints, Veronica Etro inserts carnivorous flowers, like men eager and hungry for life; romanticism, an identity characteristic of the brand, is enriched with a note of disenchantment and a concrete desire to return to bite life. Among the trendy accessories for next summer, the shiny effect bra tops to be glimpsed under the jackets, the white rubber sole sandals with a boat effect and the maxi precious earrings with a baroque and Middle Eastern allure.