Emporio Armani junior is one of the brands of Giorgio Armani’s “galaxy”, a brand with sports clothing for children and teenagers that are characterized by style and practicality, born to reflect a minimalist, harmonious, essential, elegant and noble style like all the creations of the Master, with a young and trendy design followed by an international success ready to reflect “made in Italy” in the rest of the world.


Iconic style

Armani children’s line was born in 1982 with the “Armani junior” brand, and then passed a few years ago under “Emporio Armani junior” banner, and includes the proposals dedicated to newborns and babies (0-36 months), the junior girl line (4-14 years) and the junior boy line (4-16 years). Launched at the same time as Armani Baby, it is characterized by the iconic Armani style in a mini version, by a range of children’s jeans, t-shirts, refined baby clothes and elegant gifts for babies from the Armani baby range.

emporio armani

A miniature wardrobe

From back to school garments to outfits for special occasions, Emporio Armani Junior dresses girls, boys and babies in a lively mix of different fabrics and influences, synonymous with high quality. The Emporio Armani Junior team, extremely rigorous in the cut and comfort of children’s garments, follows the instructions of Giorgio Armani to the letter, in order to create a miniature wardrobe with its unmistakable sporty-chic style. The junior collections thus take on the iconic style of the brand for the boy and girl collections enriched with a classic, sporty and easy allure.

emporio armani

Elegance and simplicity

Armani, a brand launched in 1975, has left a profound mark on the fashion world with its unmistakable elegance and simplicity, characteristics that go hand in hand with the designer’s aesthetics. Synonymous with Italian savoir faire and expression of a minimal and revolutionary design, Armani represents a real lifestyle, proposed in different lines for adults and children.