The singer spent the afternoon with Milena Giordano, in the Neapolitan boutique of Michele Franzese Moda

A Neapolitan afternoon to discover the new collections of Tom Ford: clothes, bags and shoes designed once again by the golden man of Gucci, the stylistic heir of Yves Saint Laurent, undoubtedly one of the trendiest names in fashion contemporary system.

Leading Emma Marrone on a real virtual tour of the latest creations of the Texan designer, but also among the collections of numerous other luxury brands in the boutique in via Morelli in Naples by Michele Franzese Moda, was in fact one of the most internationally accredited: Milena Giordano, not by chance one of the few Italian to have been invited to the American show of Tom Ford.

With her, the singer has reviewed all the current proposals of women’s clothing, rigorously inspired by a powerful vision of modernity that always focuses on extreme feminine glamor, with exquisitely crafted and majestically finished fabrics both day and night.

And the result, as we can see from the photo that portrays them together, is not only a fabulous dress but also a satisfied smile on Emma’s face, evidently gratified by the image reflected in the mirror.