The second season of Emily in Paris does not convince everyone but it is the lightness we need right now and it is certainly a lesson in fashion style.

Style takes center stage

It is true clichés and stereotypes abound even in the first season but in Emily in Paris 2 glamor and luxury, in French style sauce, are always ready to satisfy our deepest fantasies and are always for the eyes, and more. If a part of the audience focused on repeated and unoriginal narrative mechanisms, it is also true that the real protagonists of this season are Paris and the stylistic choices with which Emily was shown. Against the backdrop of the timeless romantic French capital, actress Lily Collins juggles her “menage à trois” and a reinterpretation of French beauty and her icons. An incredible creative team of stylists, customists, make-up artists and hair stylists coordinated perfectly without neglecting anything and succeeding in the enterprise, not merely emulative, of re-telling the Parisienne beauty of Audrey Hepburn and Carrie Bradshaw through the modernity of the Emily character. A true fashion triumph all in French style not ostentatious but told with the freshness, lightness and lightheartedness typical of this series and which perhaps in this long pandemic moment is an element that the public may need to entertain themselves without too much effort and why no maybe even shake off some stress. Dreaming costs nothing.

Netflix beautique

Emily in Paris 2, however, brings with it a great novelty ready to change the relationship between fiction and high fashion houses forever. If the fashion series Sex & the City, Gossip Girl, Emily in Paris (first season) and the recent Netflix documentary Clothes tell were limited to showing, as always, the glittering and creative world of fashion now in the second season of our American a completely new scenario has opened up in Paris. In fact, on the occasion of the new episodes, it is finally possible to buy Collins’ entire wardrobe through a dedicated web platform, this explains Lily’s mini fashion show in a video on the Instagram profile of the series in which she surprises us by showing incredible outfits. Thus we are witnessing the birth of a no longer implicit but explicit link between fiction and the fashion world through which to direct the public directly to the purchase of the wardrobe of their favorite stars.