The Caten twins bring a colorful and provocative winter show to the catwalk as always in their mood


In the autumn winter 2019 2020 of Dsquared2 there is all the energy of a rock concert, but also that of an adventurous expedition on the snows. The fashion show is in the premises of the Fabbrica Orobia in Milan, which preserves the indelible marks of its industrial past.

The Dsquared2 logo is embossed in a heavy metal band font, with edgy letters like those used by Metallica or Ac / dc, while the invitation is a VIP pass to a hard rock concert.

The show co-ed by Dean and Dan Caten chooses the industrial space of the Fabbrica Orobia with a strong and determined sound to present a wardrobe between work and outdoor to go to the mountains or even to a concert.

The multicolored tie-dye and graphic patterns of the 60s and 70s style elect as parka uniforms, suits, pants decorated with sequins or studded belts that squeeze out life. Technical fabric for pants with logo that appears above the waist as if it were a boxer in evidence in use among the skater.

The co-ed show by Dean and Dan Caten focuses on the electric colors and the new variations of the shearling coat, the classic sheepskin. Against the cold, Dsquared2 also chooses oversized parka with a retro mood, holographic anoraks and straight ski suits with braces.

The graphic motifs return to the hippie style of the 60s and 70s and to the multicolored tie dye, or give way to the sequins and the python print outfits.

Among the men’s footwear dominates the hiking boots, already protagonist of the street style of the season.

Jackets and trousers follow each other with patterns that now characterize the holographic anoraks, now the cloth encrusted with sequins and now the straight ski suits with braces. At the feet, chunky mountain boots full of details or the hiking boot, already iconic street style object of this winter.

Their world of strong emotions, art and music of the two most popular and beloved fashion cufflinks in the world is once again blended with one of the strongest elements of Made in Italy fashion, the refined Italian tailoring. The key to reading is as always ironic and easygoing for a provocative tribe.