After years of research, the project of a fashion that aims straight at sustainability comes to life

Sustainable fashion

Sustainability is increasingly present in the horizon of creation and production of the luxury industry. In the world of high fashion, there are more and more big brands that are taking important steps along the path towards a future that is as green and sustainable as possible, along alternative paths. The famous Dsquared2 brand has certainly chosen to start leaving an important footprint within this path. After several years engaged in research on how to modify the production process making it more eco-friendly, the brand born in canada but made in italy has found a way to reduce the environmental impact of production while maximizing the social impact in the world of work. fashion. The two Canadian twin brothers, creative directors, Dean and Dan Caten, started from a careful study of fabrics and their relative impact on the environment, looking for innovative ways to process their garments. Thus was born with Dsquared2: one life one planet. The goal is to contribute to the creation of a more responsible fashion industry. On the other hand, the latest environmental studies and related data speak for themselves: it is increasingly necessary to direct as many forms of business as possible towards a sustainable route.

One Life one Planet

On the occasion of this ambitious project, a capsule with garments in green materials was launched by Dsquared2: One life one Planet. As Dean and Dan Caten explained “this first effort and initial focus on materials and processes will therefore evolve with the following seasons as we are fully aware that materials and processes alone cannot fully define sustainability, our ambition is to to further explore and challenge ourselves, to raise the level of environmental and social responsibility. After all, we have never been afraid to explore unexplored paths ”. For this capsule the main material is organic cotton, Gots certified, for the t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as a special organic and recycled jersey compound for some of the collection’s iconic models (50% recycled, Grs certified and 50% virgin organic cotton , Ocs certified) and finally recycled nylon (Grs certified) for the over One Life bomber jacket. The denim line is characterized by a new quality of fabrics with organic cotton. These, for extra comfort, have been made with stretch yarn with over 50% recycled content and with an innovative degradable elastane. Great attention to details, in the choice of dyes and fabrics with attention, as we have seen, to the certifications and international standards required. The new Spring-Summer 2022 collection also features a distinctive element on some garments: a smiley with a green maple leaf. The presence of the smiley face graphics is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Smiley brand. The iconic smile is a universal symbol of optimism, positivity and the creative directors wanted to include it in their first capsule collection with a reduced environmental impact, definitely as a symbol of good wishes. The shades selected for the collection, including pink, green, light blue and red, are ready to convey a summer and cheerful mood. Finally, the line of accessories includes espadrilles, sneakers, bucket bags, belts, baseball caps and a bandana. As part of the collection these accessories are obviously made with Gots certified organic cotton, Grs certified recycled cotton, with recycled synthetic fibers and finished with engineered processes to reduce their environmental impact. The intelligent mix of irreverent Canadian flair and refined Italian tailoring, combined with an obsessive attention to detail, are the basis of today’s Dsquared2 philosophy, which has given life to a unique concept of alternative luxury. Dean and Dan divide their life and work between Milan and London, but they always create their collections in Italy: “Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy”. The collection is available in our boutiques and online on Michele Franzese Moda.