The tradition of a great luxury knitwear continues thanks to the leadership of the Ciocca group, also opening up to green fashion

From Scotland with love

The famous Drumhor brand was born in 1770 in Scotland, in Drumfries. From the very beginning, the collections have focused on the creation of high quality knitwear with a sophisticated design. Drumhor elegance has been able to win the favor of very demanding customers and the international jet set. The British Royal Family, the King of Norway and movie stars and divas such as Audrey Hepburn and James Stewart have chosen the Scottish brand. Today Drumhor is a totally made in Italy brand. In 2006 it was acquired by the Ciocca Group, another historic company of reference in the knitwear sector, which transferred production from Scotland to Italy without altering the values ​​of the Scottish tradition and indeed adding Italian taste and savoir faire by relaunching the brand in the world. of contemporary fashion. In fact, with the new generation of Ciocca at the helm, Drumohr has also launched into the total look, adding jackets, shirts, trousers, polo shirts, vests and trousers to the ever-present knitwear. The care and research on quality materials does not change. Just as the famous “biscuit” process, famous since the seventies, has not changed. The trend was born thanks to a very famous Italian style icon, and not only, Gianni Agnelli. It was thanks to the lawyer, in fact, that the original motif of the “razor blade”, an embroidery in the shape of a small razor, became an icon and took the name of biscuit. Drumhor, timeless elegance. Today Drumohr is also riding the green revolution. The Ciocca group strongly believes in responsible processing and has launched the “Sustainable Lifestyle” project. The company aims to become zero impact by adopting new technologies that allow the creation of ethical products. An example is the Quinzano site where a system of over 1,500 photovoltaic panels covers the entire energy needs of the group’s plants. Drumohr knitwear is at the top of the cashmere garments sector. Drumohr wools are of the highest quality, sweaters, crew necks, cardigans and turtlenecks are light to the touch and wonderful to wear by playing with the contrasts between the basic colors. Drumohr sweaters accompany you in the cold seasons with a soft and luxurious embrace. Discover the incredible workmanship and the iconic biscuit print on Michele Franzese Moda, with a super thin yarn ready to define the new concept of “urban chic”.