Among the top brands available from Michele Franzese Moda there is also Bel Air Athletics, created by actor, producer and musician Will Smith. Bel-Air Athletics is a sport-inspired lifestyle brand that celebrates the love of competition, the inclusiveness of fanhood, the stories, styles and culture born of sport. Channeling Will’s indelible influence on fashion and culture in the ‘80s and ‘90s and referencing the iconic series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, Bel-Air Athletics builds on the individuality and creativity that the character of Will embodied on the TV show.

“Our Mission – we can read in the company profile of the brand – is to bring a sports-inspired premium apparel brand with a classic feel. Honoring where we come from, with a clear vision of where we’re going. We ‘are’ Timeless, Confident, Inclusive, Desirable, Socially Conscious, Aspirational. We ‘are not’ Trendy, Dated, Cheap, Discriminatory, Copy Culture. Our Tone of voice is  Inspirational, Grateful, Responsive,  Community Driven, Culturally Aware,  Purposeful. We help others to see their potential. Our voice uplifts and inspires. We wouldn’t be here without our consumers. We are openly grateful. Actions speak the loudest. We get back to everyone in a timely manner, with solutions-based responses. The importance of giving back will be a big part of our voice. We are community driven. We are on top of culture, but we are not copy culture. We know what’s going on in the world, and we address it only in ways relevant to our brand. We are purpose driven. We want to enhance the value of our voice with a quality over quantity approach. Our Aesthetic is   Honest, Clean, Street, Unique, Diverse, Edgy but global, Self expressive, Somewhere between Preppy and Sport. 

Social Awareness is essential in Bel Air Aestetichs. We believe – we still read in presentation of the brand – in having deeper purpose. We cannot exist in 2020 and beyond solely for profit. Education is a huge part of what the world needs to continue to become a better place.  Considering the narrative of Will’s character as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air , an underprivileged kid from a rough inner city neighborhood who was afforded the opportunity to pursue the life he wanted, we want to do just that for others. This will allow Bel-Air to mean much more than zip code. To do this, we would like to introduce the Bel-Air Academy Fund, designed to provide educational resources for underrepresented youth.