Dior and Jordan are reportedly preparing to launch their first collaboration in 2020. According to online streetwear destination Hypebeast, the creative partnership will consist of a reinterpretation of the classic Air Jordan 1. The collaboration is apparently set to be released in June in a run of 1,000 pairs, which will sell for $2,000 each. These rumors have arisen following the official confirmation of what looks like a major collaboration between Prada and Adidas. The only visuals that have been released so far suggest that this collection will focus on footwear from both Adidas and Adidas Originals. For around two years, the luxury industry therefore kept its distance from these kinds of collaborations, with brands developing and improving their own sneaker lines, often inspired by mass market favorites. However, with news of upcoming collaborations from Prada, and perhaps Dior, it seems that the bridges currently being built between luxury giants and street culture are stronger than ever.