New worlds of fashion are expanding with the push of the virtual: from cyber production to the digital customer experience.

If fashion becomes a digital experience

In another article we talked about the increasingly co-dependent relationship between the fashion world and the nascent Metaverse. Let’s now explore the topic by talking about the new opportunities, for fashion companies and their customers, of digital fashion created by artificial intelligence. Consulting, forecasting, sustainability and customization of the experience, these are the challenges-opportunities that the new artificial intelligence systems (a.i.) offer to high fashion. Let’s go in order. Every day, potential consumers enter an enormous amount of personal data on the network through more or less conscious actions. Through algorithms, these data can be used on the one hand in the creation of a smart digital assistance to recommend clothes based on personal characteristics and tastes (Amazon’s Echo Look already tested in 2017 was the first style assistant) on the other hand specific systems of to the they can be used to process the unlimited data present on the network (previous purchases, behavior on social media, political, social and environmental trends, demographic and economic variables) to anticipate new trends thus orienting production: it is predictive fashion when creativity and science meet. A meeting that guarantees not only a competitive advantage on the market but also a virtuous circuit in the field of sustainability. Creation and production guided by systems of a.i. could drastically reduce waste by helping to reduce the pollution of the fashion industry. Finally, the radical change, which has already begun, lies in the virtual personalization of the consumer experience of fashion itself. An almost unlimited experience that transcends the limits of physicality: the key word is phygital.

Sustainability and cyber couture

There are many top brands, which we have already talked about, engaged in the digitalization of fashion in the new Metaverse. Today we talk specifically about Burberry‘s sustainable regeneration and Tribute Band‘s e cyber couture. The fifth collection by Riccardo Tisci for Burberry was presented in a great show supported by visual artist Anne Imhof behind closed doors, for pandemic arrangements, and broadcast exclusively in streaming on the Twitch platform, celebrating the close bond, also arising from needs, between catwalks and new digital needs. Regeneration as an expression of nature that constantly recreates itself and inspired by the fresh dynamism of youth is the key theme of this new collection called In Bloom which looks directly at the issues of environmental sustainability while also describing a new ambitious sustainable goal of the brand: being climate positive. by 2040. For generation Z ready to freely transfer their identity into the virtual world, the Croatian startup Tribute Brand has directly thought of focusing on cyber clothes. By exploiting two systems, CGI and TMCS (computer-generated imagery, taylor made cyber services), it provides the possibility of ordering and creating virtual outfits to show off in the social world by marveling your followers. The new universe of digital fashion created by artificial intelligence is ready to challenge high fashion creatives and aspiring fashion influencers.