A collection between work and utilitary wear made with vegetable dyes


DIESEL and A-COLD-WALL, a brand founded by the young British designer Samuel Ross, have unveiled, during the New York fashion week, the capsule collection dedicated to the Diesel Red Tag project.

The mini collection, as well as the fourth desired co-lab of the Venetian brand, was presented to the international press in a pop-up store linked to the industrial cerebral aesthetic of Samuel Ross, among suspended garments, lighting with fluorinated white tubes, scaffolding and the first view of a film made by Dexter Navy.

A selection of experimental garments inspired by workwear and utilitary wear, finished with distressed effects and deconstruction, made with vegetable dyes, denim glossy and memory nylon so dear to A-Cold-Wall.

The preview was accompanied by a cocktail party and a private dinner hosted by Renzo Rosso and Samuel Ross at Peachy’s at Chinese Tuxedo.