Shoes are the business card of the true gentleman. Who is the gentleman who would not like to feel like in Cornwall, immersed in the atmosphere of an aristocratic English Summer: the one, to be clear, that shines through every Church’s creation, a brand with roots and irony out of time.



Church’s history dates back to 1617, when Anthony Church, a master shoemaker, began the production of handcrafted shoes in Northampton, England, a city renowned for the production of fine footwear since the Middle Ages. The skill and title of Master Shoemaker were handed down from generation to generation, up to Thomas Church who later founded the famous Church & Co brand two centuries later, in 1873 in Northampton, Great Britain,

Since then, the brand has been a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality men’s and women’s footwear. Since 1999 it has been part of the Prada Group, which now holds 100% of the capital. Sporty, for office or elegant, lace-ups are the essential cornerstone of the male wardrobe, which in classic or revisited models become accessories of style and a synthesis of good taste displayed naturally.

The style of Church shoes is known and ranges, for example for men’s models, from classic oxfords with dovetail to suede moccasins and derby boots with commandom soles up to leather sneakers, basically a pair for every occasion, both for the weekend and for the working week.

Global expansion strategy

The Prada Group recently appointed Denni Manzatto as the new CEO of Church’s. Manzatto will guide the historic brand towards a new global expansion strategy, based on his significant professional experiences that will help to accelerate the international development and rebranding of the Church’s brand.

The manager joined Prada in 2013. In 2018 he earned an Executive MBA from Tsinghua and Insead universities and then took on the role of commercial director for the development of the wholesale channel and the management of eyewear licenses, fragrances and commercial development projects. , current position which he will maintain on an interim basis.