From their creation to today, through society and trends, the décolleté has shown to be proof of history

A long evolution

In the changing world of fashion characterized by trends dependent on infinite variables and twists, it is rare to find fixed points among clothing, footwear and accessories that can even boast a centuries-old history. Well, if there is something that can represent a real must have for all women, challenging the change of times and societies, this is the décolleté and hers is the story of a timeless icon. Representation par excellence of femininity, over the last century there has been its evolution: from soft versions with low heels to strong ones with dizzying heights. The décolleté has gone through decades and fashions, reinventing itself over the years. But when was this famous shoe born? We can trace the first traces back to the time of ancient Egypt when a similar type of shoe was designed for military men’s clothing for use. of the knights of the Kings of Egypt. Stiff sole in leather, wood or papyrus adapted to the saddle stirrups, thus allowing riders to mount a horse much faster. Its more modern story begins when Caterina De ‘Medici during her marriage to the future King of France, the Duke of Orleans adopted the use of shoes with a heel of about 7 centimeters to be at the height of her consort. During the eighteenth century they began to be worn more and more massively by the female sex as an alternative shoe to slippers and ankle boots with laces. American society between prohibition and the Hollywood industry then gave a decisive push towards increasing the verticality of the heel between the thirties and forties. The first real décolleté with stiletto heels, however, are an Italian invention and appeared on the scene in Vigevano in 1953 presenting themselves with wooden heels which were subsequently modified with the introduction of the aluminum base to avoid the risk of breakage and also limit the injuries. Thus was born in those years the icon of femininity as it is today, declining shape and size to adapt to everyone’s styles and needs. All the artistic directors of the most famous high fashion houses are confronted with this shoe and also for the 2022 collection make it a trend to wear with great versatility, along the streets of the fashion capitals. Despite the variety of footwear, the dècollète will feature prominently in our outfits, mixing with winning combinations. At Saint Laurent, Balmain, Tom Ford and Amina Muaddi, all that remains is to choose between the new proposals by Michele Franzese Moda.