The style of the British footballer David Beckham in a documentary on the world of international fashion


That David Beckham likes fashion is not new. The former footballer boasts a long list of collaborations with the big fashion brands, his presence at London Fashion Week is no longer news, his impeccable style in every occasion, certainly does not think that he chooses the first random things from his wardrobe. Rather.
Then, a few hours ago, the presence of David Beckham in a new documentary on men’s fashion, directed by Loïc Prigent – his docufilm for Louis Vuitton under Marc Jacobs – for the European art channel.

Loïc focuses on the interpretation that men make of fashion, and makes a journey back in the history of costume to get to the present day, the director has “introduced” in Paris Fashion Week stealing images from the front row and testimonies from protagonists of the fashion shows.

Among them, Olivier Rousteing, Virgil Abloh and, in fact, also that of David Beckham.

Des Hommes Stylés – the original title of the film – answers some of the most common questions in the history of men’s fashion, through a cheerful overview of trends, extravagances and secrets of menswear.

Men of Style  is one of the first feature films proposed by the new version of ARTE in Italian, a selection of subtitled programs of the European channel.
In addition to the interviews, the documentary traces the history of the masculine style, alternating historical images, archive footage and videos of the most recent fashion shows, connecting the characters of the history of the costume with the protagonists of the latest fashion trends.

An informal and rhythmic dialogue able to unite the iconic figures of Louis XIV and Charlie Chaplin to the stylistic novelties of Charles Jeffrey and Palomo Spain in a coherent narrative at the turn of time.