How did he set up his own brand? Behind the scenes of the success of Damir Doma, adored by Milan fashionistas

Damir Doma is Croatian, but mostly shows in Milan where, in 2015, he moved his headquarters. A designer who takes the best of Eastern and Western Europe to merge it in an elegant and minimalist concept, made of clean lines and sober colors. Enter with us in the world of this exclusive designer.

The path in fashion: first experiences
Doma was founded in 1981 in Virovitica, Croatia. He grew up surrounded by sketches in his mother’s atelier in Germany, and later studied fashion in Munich and Berlin, where he graduated in 2004.

After gaining experience in the designer studios of Antwerp, and having worked with Raf Simons, Dirk Schonberger and Ann Demeulemeester, he moved to Paris where in 2007 he launched his first menswear collection, thus creating a follow-up of celebrities by Rosario Dawson in Rihanna, from Usher to Kanye West.

The first women’s prêt-à-porter collection arrives in 2010 and is judged positively minimalist, with a simple and clean silhouette.

Damir Doma has announced major changes to reinvigorate the brand with a new strategy for 2015-2016.
Doma in Milan

In 2015, the studio of Damir Doma in Via Savona 33 became the company headquarters, in order to search for better quality materials and reduce the distance between design and production.

Also the fashion shows of the brand are moving to Milan Fashion Week, thus turning to the fashionable elite of the Italian fashion capital.

The relationship between its Man and Woman collections is also strengthened, sharing the same creative inspiration, cuts and materials.

Examining the ephemeral quality of the human body, Damir Doma’s designs enclose a measured proportional study and a melange of textures – which predict a rough and refined juxtaposition.

The silhouettes draw on a myriad of inspirations from the world of art and architecture, before embellishments and decorations for a purity of form.

Style and collaborations
The capsule Damir Doma x Lotto dates back to 2017, made up of 28 male and female pieces.

Among the models are also included accessories such as sneakers and bags, all as a combination of the sporting soul of the Lotto and the modern and essential design of the Croatian.

His latest garments also include Damir Doma shoes: high boots and low boots and sneakers in white and black, for a glamorous look in its simplicity.