The prestigious Hearst magazine has chosen the windows of the Michele Franzese boutique


Start with the windows of Via Domenico Morelli, from the Neapolitan boutique of Michele Franzese, the journey through the most beautiful shop windows in Italy, to discover the coolest fashion stores of the peninsula for a high-fashion shopping, between haute de gamme style and latest trends.

That, so to speak, that the flagship magazine of Hearst, the glossy magazine “Elle”, has undertaken with its most trendy readers, those always in search of a Mecca of the fashion system, of elite shopping.

And not surprisingly: the visual choice, as stated in the article, “meets the highest aesthetic standards to offer customers an environment in which to recognize themselves, as a lover of good taste and beautiful things. The spaces located on two equal levels at 700 square meters they immediately suggest the different style of the brands to be found inside, the extreme attention to detail, such as the vertical garden in the fitting area, the modern and trendy chandeliers contrasting with the vintage armchairs but with highly glamorous colors, confirm the love for design and the strong desire to welcome its customers in an environment that is as good as the top designers who proudly show off “.

In short, the refined, innovative and original style of the boutique has fascinated even the magazine’s experts “for the varied and complete choice of luxury brands that makes Michele Franzese Moda a must-see for fashion lovers, for its impeccable assistance to the moreover, the originality of visual merchandising and the creativity of events make the Naples boutique a place to be appreciated also in other respects “.