The colors of the scandi style overwhelm the streets of the Danish capital with audacity and sustainability

The colors of the north

“Winter is coming!” – do you remember this motto? – but it is definitely rich in colors, patterns, creative layering and bold trends for a young fashion that looks with attention to sustainability. The message of Copenhagen Fashion Week F/W 2022 does not give room for misunderstandings: scandi style is young, dynamic and focused on the future. Unlike the previous appointments of the Milan and Paris Fashion Week editions, Copenhagen Fashion Week mainly focused on Danish and emerging creative brands. The streets of the Danish capital were transformed from 1 to 4 February into a real open-air creative laboratory of Scandi fashion. Despite the harsh winter temperatures, an intelligent layering has allowed the scandi girls to exhibit eye-catching street style mix and match outfits in very bright colors, overshadowing the typical greyness of the Nordic winter sky. Participating were 30 local brands for a total of 20 physical shows, 10 hybrid or digital presentations, but also a special event, the Zalando Sustainability Award, won this year by Iso.

Rotate and Remain

Michele Franzese Moda has chosen two Nordic brands for his collection: Rotate and Remain. Rotate is a Birger Christensen brand created in collaboration with creative directors, influencers Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimarsdottir. The brand was created in response to Jeanette and Thora’s conversations about their wardrobe shortcomings hence the bold, sexy and fun dresses, from mini skirts, to affordable dresses and accessories. Copenhagen-based Remain was founded in 2018 by CEO and Creative Director, Denise Christensen. Drawing influence from Christensen’s life, the design DNA is rooted in an irreverent approach to style where elegant garments form the basis for a versatile, bold and simple style. Remain’s wardrobe is versatile and suitable for 7 days a week from signature skin to smart layering with sportswear influences. Discover the Rotate and Remain collections on Michele Franzese Moda