The storytelling of high contemporary sartorial creativity between luxury, customization and the extreme research to the perfect detail.

Tell about yourself

A commercial from the 80s, which later became a cult, proudly stated “for the man who must never ask” – do you remember? – building the foundations of that modern icon of the alpha male proud and ready to dominate in the new society of well-being, democratic yes but still patriarchal, where everything is due to him and where it seems almost no longer necessary to know how to ask and consequently to know how to choose . Fortunately, something has moved both on a social and individual level, although unfortunately there is still a lot to do. But it is true that the crude version of the rigid alpha male in his prototype style from jeans and shirt or jeans and white t-shirt has had to deal with a profound and multifaceted evolution of the languages ​​of fashion. A change that he certainly would not have expected. Who said asking is a weakness? In fact, the contemporary gentleman does not think so, who has made asking and the ability to choose a motif of strength, distinction and elegance. Yes, because the difficult and competitive road to legitimizing one’s status passes through the infinite possibilities of distinguishing oneself and emerging offered by the new sartorial elegance that has made details the direct expression of the identity of contemporary man.

New tailors for new gentlemen

A clear example of this extreme attention to detail is represented by the skill of the artisans of new tailors such as Aspesi, Boglioli and The Gigi. Cutting, finishing, fabrics are all aimed at satisfying the needs of the contemporary gentleman who is aware and ready to show himself and tell himself through value and refinement. Aspesi’s minimalist, sophisticated and timeless style is expressed through a strong link with art in the creative languages ​​of photography and architecture. The combination of tradition of materials and technological innovation makes Boglioli haute couture a milestone in the possibility of being able to tell stories through luxurious fabrics and hand-sewn jackets. The escape from homologation is the main goal instead of The Gigi tailors focused on creating a unique style, unrepeatable in its customization of fabrics and workmanship, for all those who feel ready to leave their mark in the contemporary world.