Comfort without sacrificing luxury. The new style to get noticed in smart working while remaining comfortable and functional in your home.

The right style for pandemic times

The greatest transformation that society will bring about even when the pandemic is finally over is the transversal introduction of smart working into the professional world. COVID-19 has in fact forced many professionals and numerous professions to have to reinvent and adapt to an environment that has always been alien to the typical work office: house. Yes, because the house with government restrictions created to contrast the spread of the pandemic and thanks to new technologies has become the new office for all those workers who found themselves overnight behind no longer the usual desk and in pajamas! Living rooms with bookcases, bedrooms with family photos, industrial-style kitchens, terraces with views have become the ever-present and characterizing background for all those often interminable calls with colleagues, employees, bosses. But in the days of zoom, skype and teams, just to name a few, is it possible to remain glamorous? The answer is yes. Comfy luxury wear by Michele Franzese Moda is a perfect balance between the dual need of being able to get noticed even during a video business meeting while remaining functional at home.

Style and comfort

Anylovers and Laneus are the top brands chosen by Michele Franzese Moda for a comfy luxury wear to best face the gray and cold days of January and February. A winter fashion dream that comes true: combining luxurious style with home comfort. Laneus has chosen to use extremely high quality yarns for a careful processing of sweaters, sweaters and cardigans, seeking a fit tested and approved by the founders themselves. AnyLovers with its entirely made in Italy luxury knitwear proposes a low environmental impact selection in recycled cashmere, reinterpreting rhomboid patterns and graphics with yarns and colors that are never banal to feel always wearing a unique sweater.