Spring is just around the corner, the sun seems to have been installed for real but the holidays are still far away. The ideal time to take advantage of experiencing the city and rediscovering some places of the heart.

The first rays of the sun trigger the desire to spend time outdoors, walking in the city, whether it’s in the shop windows, on the terrace of a café, or darting through the streets on a skateboard. The clothing? Comfortable … but stylish!

Paola, Isabella’s mother loves to choose refined and non-trivial outfits for her daughter. Garments that can be so comfortable and suitable for children, but with a certain extra twist. For the spring-summer 2019, it was won over by the new WAX collection by Kenzo Kids. An irreverent print and cuts that wink to the east. Girl t-shirts and dresses with kimono sleeves, sweatshirts, sweatshirts with a revisited maxi logo, micro shorts and almost two in one dresses that combine the cotton jersey with the wax print revised by the eye Kenzo Kids.

On her blog Sissi World shares the spring shots of the choices made for her daughter Sissi, a “tough” girl who handles the skateboard like nobody else!

Comfortable and stylish clothes for children, very urban style with that eye to the east and precisely to Japan that gives that extra push. A light, fun, carefree style, suitable for outdoor life, play, school and perfect for the “confusion” of the big cities. Perfect for the journey … maybe in that of Tokyo why not ?!