News and gossip suggest that Chiara Ferragni could tread the stage of the Ariston, and it is immediately the toto

There is no official confirmation, it is just a rather insistent rumor that, in the last hours, has leaked into the network.
According to the well-informed Chiara Ferragni could tread the stage of the Ariston as a super guest at the Sanremo Festival. The rumor states that along with the famous influencer there will also be her husband and rapper Fedez.

It would have been the same Claudio Baglioni to think of inviting the Ferragni to the Festival since it was one of the prominent personalities of 2018. If so, on the web, one already thinks about the dress that the influencer will wear for the festival.

Some say that he will choose Dior and some think of a suit by Alberta Ferretti. Unofficial news also reported that Fedez could exploit his appearance at the Ariston to present the new album at the Festival, which was recorded months before the wedding with Ferragni.

The two may even duet but, as reported, this is news to be taken with the tongs. Even if the guest list has been confirmed, at the last minute could there be a real surprise? Who knows, in addition to her modeling and influencer skills, Chiara Ferragni could also be a test-tube singer.