Off white is the brand created by Virgil Abloh, designer, stylist and DJ. Already a collaborator and right-hand man of Kanye, Virgil is an American of origin but an authentic globe-trotter. Off-White is part of those brands that are really creating a bridge between streetwear and high fashion by thinking about the collections with a conceptual taste and a design far from streetwear but typical of high fashion, even if materials and shapes have their roots in the street. The cornerstones of the collections are in fact t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts and crew-neck, which are flanked by jackets, denim jackets, classic cargo pants and an entire sample of street matrix. Off White is in some ways unmistakable, with that square grid of lines and the font that appears on the back or sleeves of the garments. A collection that starts classically white and black but that slowly turns on color.