Like a newly-wed, romantic and old-fashioned couple. Thus Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife Charlene appeared at the seventy-first Gala of the Monegasque Red Cross. The couple, as tradition dictates, opened the summer event par excellence, which mixes glamor and solidarity, but never had it been so close-knit.

Alberto in fact expressed his admiration for his wife with a tender kiss on the track. It is impossible, moreover, not to be hypnotized by the former South African swimmer, who for the occasion shined with a long dress with a cape by Marchesa Notte. A very elegant outfit, loved by noblewomen from around the world, from Queen Letizia of Spain to the British duchesses Kate and Meghan, repeatedly immortalized with similar clothes. Also noteworthy is the low chignon raised by the princess with wavy fringes on the front, a hairstyle created by the hair stylist Stéphane Madinier, who was in charge of the real hair also on her wedding day, in 2011.

A highly studied look, which made Charlene very similar (without disfiguring in comparison) to the unforgettable Grace Kelly, the mother-in-law never known, but whose presence always hovers over Montecarlo. And although some evil has pointed out the modified features of Alberto’s wife – the suspicion of retouches has become almost a certainty – there is no doubt that she was the only star of the evening. The two prima donnas of the Rocca, Caroline and Charlene, divided the scene: it is up to Ranieri III’s daughter to preside over the Ballo della Rosa, to the reigning princess this midsummer. This year, in conjunction with the civil (and private) marriage at Palazzo Grimaldi between Louis Ducruet, Stéphanie’s eldest son, and Marie Chevallier, already renamed the Pocahontas of the principality for its Vietnamese origins, splendid with the sophisticated silk crepe suit Rosa Clará.