Chanel sends a strong signal in terms of social responsibility and announces that it will not use the instrument of the Redundancy Fund provided by the Italian State for industrial companies, distribution and coordination centers. Therefore, for 40 working days, Roved, Gensi, Samanta, Global DC Chanel Coordination Srl Vittuone and Chanel Coordination Srl Osmannoro will keep the wages of their 750 employees at 100%. “The goal – said the French luxury group – is not to weigh on public finances, so that the Italian state can support, as a priority, the most vulnerable companies, and, of course, concentrate its resources on the health system, medical personnel and all the bodies responsible for helping people”. The decision joins the measures adopted by the fashion house in other countries. In France, wages for 8,500 employees remain guaranteed until to 8 May. In addition, to contribute to national solidarity efforts, Chanel has made a donation to some Italian hospitals and emergency services.

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