With the launch of the Chanel Mission 1.5 plan, the double C house, perhaps the most representative and exclusive name for luxury worldwide, is accelerating towards sustainability. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the maison’s processes and practices, in line with the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement 2015. Under the guidance of the chief sustainability officer, and company veteran, Andrea d’Avack, Chanel will reduce its carbon footprint and its supply chain, also acting outside its commercial activities. Chanel Mission 1.5 includes four key commitments: reducing the carbon footprint of all operations; switch to 100 percent renewable electricity on a global basis by 2025; balance residual carbon emissions. Chanel will finance projects that will help small farmers and small businesses to be less vulnerable to climate change by investing in resilient, low-impact raw materials and innovative start-ups in the packaging sector.

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