La New York Fashion Week 2022 si chiude con una grande sfilata di Tom Ford s/s 23 tra super model e super celebrità nel front row

Tom Ford s/s 23 

New York Fashion Week 2022 closes with a great show of Tom Ford s/s 23 between super models and super celebrities in the front row Timeless glamor Tom Ford signed the closing of New York Fashion Week 2022 last night, Wednesday 14 September, with a…

Art at Michele Franzese Moda

Art at Michele Franzese Moda 

Art and luxury, the new infinite horizons of an indissoluble bond Artification Artwork is that because it manages to go beyond what could be an ordinary utilitarian function. Since the first tribal organisations of human beings, certain artificial creations obtained from the processing of the…


Thom Browne 

From economics to the world of high fashion, like Thom Browne’s style has enriched and innovated modern tailoring Made in NYC Thom Browne is an example of how the world of fashion can be enriched with creativity and innovation thanks to the contamination not only…

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