Just when you thought the footwear trend couldn’t possibly become any more divisive, Cardi B has put forth a new item for examination: Dsquared2‘s sneaker heels.


The rapper shared a photo of herself wearing the shoes defying gravity in the process. The shoes, which one follower referred to as “double decker,” consist of an illusion of a sneaker sitting diagonally on top of another sneaker. To make them look even more surreal, Cardi posed in them while in a squat-like position, which she shared with the caption, “Bitch sit down before I sit you.”

Okay, so what is going on here? The post elicited that question and more, with comments ranging from “You’re so brave” to “Am I the only one confused by the shoes??,” “How you walk in them,” and “Cardi girl don’t break an ankle cause I’m trynna see you on tour love you.”


While Cardi hasn’t cleared up the confusion, we can start by addressing how exactly one walks in the shoes. Does the foot sit flat? Or is it on an incline like in heels? For Dsquared2‘s “giant heeled ankle boots,” which are unavailable to purchase on the brand’s website, it’s the latter. Despite looking like sneakers, the shoe is no more comfortable or stable than a pair of wedges. While the bottom of the shoe is flat, the top, where the foot goes in, has the same arch as any pair of heels. In case the sneaker version isn’t your style, the brand also makes a sandal version that was no less debated when it was unveiled back in June.

So what is the advantage of wearing them? For Cardi that much is clear. Her style is an extension of her personality and, with both, she can divide a room. While we don’t know how far Cardi ended up walking in the shoes, or if she walked in them at all outside of taking this photo, she elicited quite the reaction. The post, which was shared less than a day ago, has already amassed over 3.6 million likes — which is a far jump from the last few fashion posts she shared (and those have been accumulating likes for the past few weeks or so).

If anyone can make the shoes catch on, though, it’s Cardi. As she told W earlier this year, “I’m the person who has to prove everyone wrong, constantly. Constantly.”