The assembly of the members of the National Chamber of Fashion elected the new board of directors, reconfirming Capasa as president.

Goals and determination

The assembly of members of the National Chamber of Fashion (Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) met to elect the new board of directors for the next initiatives of the two-year period 2022-2024 and reconfirmed Carlo Capasa as president and managing director. His was a re-election by acclamation along with other recommendations nominated in the same way: Patrizio Bertelli (Prada), Marco bizzarri (Guccio Gucci), Serge Brunschwig (Fendi), Carlo Capasa (National Chamber of Italian fashion), Alfonso Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana ), Fabrizio Cardinali (Etro), Marco Gobbetti (Salvatore Ferragamo), Massimo Ferretti (Aeffe), Luigi Maramotti (Max Mara), Angela Missoni (Missoni), Renzo rosso (OTB), Remo Ruffini (Moncler), Carla Sozzani (10cc global shop), Jacopo Venturini (Valentino), Ermenegildo Zegna (Ez Service). The Honorary President Mario Boselli joins the Council. Carlo Capasa was born in the splendid Lecce in 1958, moving to Milan for his studies and realizes very soon that his future can only belong to the world of fashion. After having successfully covered several key roles in companies in the sector, in 2010 he was appointed director of the National Chamber of Fashion and in 2015 he was elected President. His is therefore a long-term presidency full of goals achieved, challenges and changes as evidenced by his report on the last two years as president (2020-2022): “The last two years have been particularly challenging for our sector, and I am proud to say that I have never seen so much communion of purpose, collaboration and synergy in our association. We have tried with constancy and determination to face the challenges that have faced us, finding effective solutions and responding with creativity and energy. The goal for the next two years is to continue to be competitive and incisive, united and collaborative in achieving the aims of the association, which continue to be dictated by concrete needs that emerge on the market and in the cultural context in which we operate … CNMI these were significant years, in which it worked to deepen and evolve the work developed around the pillars indicated by the association in its strategic plan: environmental and social sustainability, inclusion, digitization, training and promotion of new brands, institutional relationships and storytelling as well as obviously the organization of fashion weeks “. Carlo Capasa’s fifth term as Mr. President begins immediately by defining a particular goal: “For CNMI, the goal is to achieve the highest standards of sustainability through close collaboration with the supply chain and the involvement and training of the system’s players” .

Capasa Milan

Success in the fashion world belongs to the whole Capasa family. Carlo’s brother, Ennio Capasa, after six years of retiring from fashion and the sale of his brand (founded in 1986 with his brother Carlo) Costume National, returned to the center of other fashion by presenting his new brand Capasa Milano. The brand, focused on prêt-à-porter and accessories for women and men, was presented at the s spun-event at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi on February 22, the first day of Milano Moda Donna. The “zero collection”: «It is the founding collection of the brand, the one that best expresses its values: made in Italy tailoring, technology, but also sustainability». Key themes in the fashion sector that Capasa has been able to interpret in garments that are both innovative and timeless, designed to last for a long time (thus fighting waste): «I worked on the concept of tailoring and haute couture in an unconventional way. I wanted each look of the show to be different because today there is much more individualism among consumers. A transversal audience, even by age ». The goal is to offer a high-end, timeless and sustainable style, all made in Italy. The brand grows successfully and the “collection 0” was followed by the “collection 1” of spring summer 23. Michele Franzese Moda is always on the piece and in fact has chosen Capasa Milano as a brand for next season by including them in its portfolio of top brands. Don’t miss out on all the news on Michele Franzese Moda.