Camera Buyer Italia launches CB1 Consortium, an optimization service for the retail management created by its president Francesco Tombolini. The consortium’s objective is to build an integrated working model on the part of the purchase of secondary goods and materials, and on the optimization of the costs of managing the retail and operations of its participants. The evolution of a consortium represents a moment of transition from pure, ingenious and collaborative entrepreneurship to an integrated and scalable business model. The new model will range between areas such as logistics, packaging, IT, insurance, banks, the provision of legal, accounting, tax services, as well as payment, banking and platform services. Tombolini will also be at the helm of the CB1 Consortium, which will not replace Camera Buyer Italia, driving force and favourite interlocutor of brands and institutions. 35 of the 101 associates of Camera Buyer Italia are currently members of Consortium, representing approximately 810 million sales, 133 shops scattered throughout Italy, 30 thousand square meters of sales area and 38 different brands.