Camera Buyer Italia – The best shops, the association that represents 100 Italian luxury fashion multibrand brands through 500 points of sale in 200 historic centers, has sent a letter to the government asking for concrete actions in support of retail in the fashion sector, severely affected by crisis linked to the current health emergency.

Italian government, entrepreneurs and banks must appeal to a conscience and social responsibility, explains the president of Camera Buyer Italia – The best shops Giacomo Santucci, adding that companies are not able, on their own, to manage for a long time to continue stop and go. Institutional support is urgently needed, especially towards the banking system, because companies, on which hundreds of thousands of jobs depend, cannot be left alone. The proposals include, first of all, the elimination of the maximum expenditure ceiling of 45 million euros with reference to the tax credit granted to the textile sector on the surplus of inventories in 2020, compared to the average of the three previous periods. Following this, the postponement of contributions for a longer period of time, especially to avoid affecting the liquidity of companies, and further tax reliefs dedicated to the companies in the sector that invest in the development of smart working, e-commerce and support, as well as grants to support the aforementioned investments. In addition, the extension and strengthening of the tax credit relating to the leases of shops, logistics and offices and the application of reductions and incentives to all operators who have suffered a 15% drop in turnover compared to the previous year , regardless of the territorial location where the activity is carried out and the method of sale, also through online channels.