The brand has preferred to incinerate warehouse leftovers, including luxury clothes and accessories, to protect the “intellectual property” of the creations and to avoid counterfeiting or sales under cost


The figure was estimated by the company’s top management: clothes and accessories worth € 31 million literally went up in smoke. This is what happened to the Burberry warehouse remains, a symbol of British fashion.
A solution that the leaders of the company have defined as convenient explaining: “We take care of our product disposal processes, to minimize the surpluses of what we produce”.

A minimal loss

According to the Times, Burberry has chosen to burn up 28 million pounds of unsold products, amounting to 31 million euros. A decision that has left many shareholders perplexed.

Even considering the high price list of the company, in fact, the figure “incinerated” corresponds to what the brand could have earned by selling 20 thousand models of its iconic “trench coats”, known all over the world. A huge amount.

Also because – the Times reveals – it would not be the first time: in the last five years, Burberry would have repeatedly resorted to this practice, burning garments for a total value of 90 million pounds (about 100 million euros).