The timeless style of an iconic brand that is one of the world’s greatest and all-time leaders in luxury tailored menswear

Almost a century

For over seventy-five years, the Brioni maison has been the absolute sartorial choice of the most iconic men in the world, in all highly successful sectors, from entertainment to business, confident men who choose to wear Italian style and craftsmanship to remain indelible in the memory of the collective imagination, exhibiting, without showing off, an impeccable and timeless elegance. The Brioni style was born in 1945 in Rome, via Barberini 79, when two visionary men, such as Master Tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and his business partner Gaetano Savini, decided to start a project of creative entrepreneurship, good taste and tradition which in a short time time it has become one of the top men’s fashion reference points with a bold design capable of captivating Hollywood movie stars, musicians, artists and heads of state who have queued up and willingly queue up to be dressed by the Maison’s tailors. The Brioni name soon became synonymous with menswear excellence transforming the menswear landscape with impeccable standards establishing itself as the industry leader in 1952 by presenting the first menswear fashion show in history at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. This groundbreaking collection became the benchmark for Roman tailoring and established the concept of modern masculine elegance. In 1959, with the intention of increasing production capacity while maintaining a sartorial approach, Brioni opened an atelier in Penne, in Abruzzo. From that moment on, the company revolutionized high-end tailoring, improving production capacity but, at the same time, preserving the characteristic artisan quality of the brand. Throughout its history, the unmistakable Roman elegance combined with sartorial excellence has guided the philosophy of the Maison and permeated every collection. The innovative silhouettes eclipsed the conventional English style that had dominated the industry until then, transforming Brioni into a reference point for Roman tailoring and creating the ideal of effortless elegance that would become famous around the world. In 2020, Brioni celebrated its 75th anniversary in the splendid setting of the Sala Bianca of a prestigious Renaissance-style Florentine palazzo. With its return to Florence, the Maison has retraced the steps that marked the beginning of its legendary history.

Fall/Winter 2022

Brioni presents the Fall/Winter 2022 campaign starring brand ambassadors Jude Law and Raff Law. The images, shot in London by photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen, stand out for their intimate atmosphere, emphasizing the authenticity of the bond between the actors. In their second campaign for the Maison (the first was for spring/summer 2022 presented in January) the duo are portrayed away from the spotlight, in a personal frame that celebrates their natural charisma and Brioni’s sartorial mastery. “For our second chapter with Brioni, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Annemarieke and show a more personal side of my relationship with Raff. We felt so comfortable on set and in the clothes.” The shots feature pieces from the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, including sophisticated tailoring and contemporary icons such as the Vagabond shirt jacket, which embodies the new intersection between formal and casual. Everything reflects Brioni’s notion of a timeless wardrobe oriented towards lightness, fluidity and comfort. ‘I love the storytelling of this campaign as it shows another side of the bond with my father and the clothes I naturally wore.” Brioni also presented the Mountain Capsule for this autumn/winter, designed for leisure time. Inspired by the peaks of the Dolomites, the collection offers a series of refined garments for cold climates without sacrificing comfort and elegance. This wardrobe with a relaxed silhouette was made in Italy with natural and innovative materials. The combination of sartorial skill and contemporary technology ensures lightness, warmth and agility. The pieces in the collection are crafted in luxurious fabrics known for their lightness and warmth, including Alashan cashmere and cashmere mohair, incredibly soft shearling, vicuna and sustainable cotton velvet. Outerwear is available in both puffer and body-hugging versions, cargo and drawstring trousers feature a relaxed fit and impeccable cut, while ankle boots feature a specially designed signature sole with a warm shearling lining.

Brioni and Andrea Bosca

The actor Andrea Bosca attended yesterday evening in the evocative halls of Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan at the very exclusive party with which GQ Italia celebrated the Men of the Year, i.e. personalities from the world of sport, entertainment, culture and style who they influenced 2022 the most. This year’s Men of the Year are Alessandro Borghi, for the actor of the year category, Stanley Tucci as icon of the year; Ernia, awarded for his album which is GQ’s album of the year; Gregorio Paltrinieri, for his performance at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest; Mattia Stanga as creator of the year; Tananai, as a revelation of the year; Francesco Centorame, protagonist of the TV series of the year which for GQ is Skam Italia, Giancarlo Commare with a special mention to a talent who embodies the true concept of elegance, awarded for the occasion by Longines. The Italian actor who plays a fundamental role in the docufilm Romanzo Radicale, where he embodies the part of Marco Pannella, in which he lost 13 kg, chose to wear the Brioni brand for such an important occasion, opting for an iconic black velvet tuxedo with silk shawl lapel, black tuxedo trousers with silk band and pearl gray shirt. Come and discover Brioni’s timeless elegance on Michele Franzese Moda.